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The Gay Geek website started because its creator had been blogging for some time on a geek website and realised that there wasn’t very much content for gay geeks out there. Sure, there’s plenty of content for gays, and plenty of content for geeks, but nothing that reconciles the two personas in one, glorious website.

The other thing he noticed was that content that was for gays was usually so riddled with explicit sexual references, and he’s tired of gay sexuality being defined by the act of sex.

So the dream was born, and the mission became clear: to create a blog that updated the world to the geeky things of the world, with a homosexual slant without relying on blogging about sex.

He reached out to his network of artists and writers and plucked out friends he thought would be interested. Some were gay, some were geeks, and some were both. The important thing was that they were open, accepting, and ready to blog like mad people.

The rest of the ideas developed through brainstorming collaboration. The webcomic emerged and characters emerged through that. Loosely based off our own personalities, but with drastic differences, we thought it would be fun to blog as the characters.

And the concept was established: a blog updated by characters in a webcomic that would run alongside it.

A writer friend wasn’t sure what he would blog about on a geek site – he didn’t feel particularly ‘geeky’. I told him that being geeky was all about being passionate about something to the nth degree – to a point where other people thought you were weird. He said the only thing he could think of was his freakish need for fitness: and so the Fitness Freak column was born.

Napkin sketches! Tattoo designs! The ideas went rolling forward and slowly we built up an idea. Then we built the site. Then we filled it.

The site has been a bit of work, but it’s also a bit of fun – and it’s so full of love that it’s almost bursting. Get ready for an exciting ride.

If you ever need to get in touch with the Gay Geek cast for whatever reason, visit our Contact page!

Oh yeah, and please be sure to read our Legal Disclaimer. Taaanks.