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Warning: Rated H for Hottt

Warning: Rated H for Hottt

Nov 21

The lads below prove that it’s not only girls that can spice up Superhero outfits. I don’t know who they are, or even what even they are wearing it to, but wow are they hot.

My personal favourite is Spiderman. Just… that pose! Captain American and Superman look pretty yummy too ><”

So who’s your favourite?

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  • http://gaygeek.com.au/cast/vikram-mistry/ Vikram Mistry
    Is it just me or does Thor totally have a boner? Not that I blame him in the presence of all of…that.
  • Chuckie
    He totally does, unless he’s wearing some very high quality Aussiebums ;D I wouldn’t mind me some Robin either.
  • http://gaygeek.com.au/cast/vikram-mistry/ Vikram Mistry
    I tell you what, that green lantern…though he has a bit of a douchey expression on. But yum.
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  • Chuckie
     Fair enough ;D I’m sure he’s packing more than just a nice set of abs if you get my clean drift =]
  • Mike
    Wolverine. And Thor. We’ll have a party. I’ve caught thru the grapevine that this was at San Diego Pride, and that a go-go bar had a superhero-themed float, and that these are the go-go boys in their outfits for the parade. Believable. 
  • http://gaygeek.com.au/cast/vikram-mistry/ Vikram Mistry
  • http://gaygeek.com.au/Lizzie-Gekko/ Lizzie Gekko
     Ah so the mystery is revealed! And Wolverine and Thor are interesting choices… both have Australian men playing them -_~
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