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Monsters University is Now Recruiting.

Monsters University is Now Recruiting.

Jan 11

Remember when Eddie wrote about Monsters University? Well MU has sent out their student recruiting video.

What do you think? Has it worked? Do you want to join MU? Head on down to their full-on website if you do!

Also, did anybody else here Sully’s voice at 16 seconds?

{Link via Youtube}

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  • Jason, God of war
    Yes I want to join! It was very similar to Sully. Is this a creative way to advertise a new installment of Monsters Inc, or are they just promoting pixar in general?
  • http://gaygeek.com.au/cast/vikram-mistry/ Vikram Mistry
    I believe there’s a new movie coming out – Monsters University. It’s a prequel to Monsters Inc where Sulley and Mike meet for the first time.
  • Jason, God of war
    Thanks for the info, it sounds like an interesting plotline!