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Why I Am Anti-Guns

Why I Am Anti-Guns

Feb 03

Before I start this article, I am going to say outright that this is a personal opinion based on personal experiences. I have heard pro-gun arguments, but I have yet to be convinced. This isn’t a commentary on if gun controls would or would not work, it’s just an opinion of why I believe guns should not be allowed to civilians. If you feel offended by anti-gun opinions, I’m not going to ask you to leave. I want you to stay and hopefully give you another side to weigh in, and if you feel that I have not considered something or agree with the tone of this article, please comment (nicely) below.

One disclaimer later.

When I was fourteen I was in Europe for their winter. We had already stayed at my grandmother’s house for 2 months and my brother and I were bored out of our skulls (we didn’t know anyone, weren’t old enough to go outside by ourselves ).

My dad had a childhood friend visit him over this period, who happened to be in the police force, he invited my brother (who was 12 at the time) to go into the mountains to do some shooting. I insisted that I go as well because it sounded cool and had nothing else to do.

So a week later I found myself in the mountains, in the freezing weather, orange vest and mufflers donned, a pistol in hand and a rifle in the boot of the car. I remembered being surprised at how heavy the pistol felt in my hand. I fired the pistol and was a fair shot for a fourteen year old first timer, who sucked at first person shooter games. My brother had great aim and hit most of the beer cans and shot the centre of circular targets. At that point I thought nothing of it; it was just aim and pull the trigger. When we switched over to rifles that’s when my whole view of guns changed.

I had terrible aim and couldn’t control the rifle properly. I would hit the target as often as I had missed it. It was then I saw the power that it had as it splintered through trees. My shoulder was starting to get sore, so we took a 20/30 minute break to warm ourselves up with some tea and warm water. When we came back from the break my shoulder was still sore, but I was determined to get it right. I took aim, resolved to get it in the centre of the target. From the corner of my eye I saw something moving, but before my mind had registered that there was a living animal, I had already fired. Luckily I missed her and by a long shot too.

However, the noise of the rifle had frightened her and she froze, covering my target. She was a doe. I remembered thinking she was bigger than what I imagined a doe would be, but I didn’t think much else. From the outside it probably looked like we were holding a staring contest. Both of us frozen, not knowing what to do. She was scared, her ribs were contracting and expanding rapidly and all I felt in that moment was horrible guilt. I knew I wasn’t trying to shoot her, I knew that my bullet went nowhere near her. But she didn’t know and I felt such tremendous helplessness at not being able to communicate this. Even though I was holding a rifle in hand, I felt all of 2 inches tall. Yet at the same time, I felt like a savage with an oversized club. It was then my whole thinking about guns changed. Guns aren’t cool, they aren’t fun. They are weapons, designed to hurt and kill. It doesn’t matter what reason goes behind shooting one, they have one function.

I’ve also come to realise that guns are the weapons of the weak. They are weapons of those who are at the end of the rope, who have to take things by force and who want to oppress others. Guns show you the insecurities people have and how they hold their own lives, livelihood and people in higher regard than others’. Guns only make you strong, if you are weak.

I have heard the argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That is true enough but why give people that option? Why make it easy for heated arguments to turn fatal? Why make it easier for perpetrators to assault or even kill us? Does a gun in the house mean anything once there is a gun to your head? It is only too easy for people to do the wrong thing with a gun, or to have an accident with one. Also, what gives anyone the right to hold another person’s life in their hands?


People who pose with guns to me are the biggest tools. To me they clearly don’t have the responsibility to be holding one. “Yeah, look at me; I’m so cool holding a gun”. No you aren’t cool, you are holding a weapon that can kill. Grow up. And if it is yours I don’t want to be near you. Don’t own or even look at a weapon unless you understand the consequences of shooting it. One of the main reasons I don’t like shooting galleries is that they are there because people think it’s so great that they can hold a gun. They are there for people to get the chance to take the “cool perspective” photo, without ever thinking of the terrible damage it does. Do you really think holding a gun makes you look cool? Oh so you’ve held a gun. Whoop dee doo. Aren’t you special? Now that I know you are insecure enough to need a gun photo in your life, can we move on? Also there is something very sick about giving these people guns to shoot at people-shaped targets.

Nerf guns, paintball, console games and laser tag are completely different. They don’t have real life consequences, nor can they pose future threats of fatality (unless you are really creative). I have no problems with games that simulate guns, you can play with friends, have a laugh while no one gets hurt (at least most of the time). It is a form of make believe and play. This is my stance and until the zombie virus breaks out, I’m going to stick to it.

What about you? What are your stances? If you are pro-gun why? If you aren’t, why not? Leave a comment below!

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As referenced in Dre et 2Pac, 1995

As referenced in Dre et 2Pac, 1995

Jan 12

The party state

Also confirmed by Perry and Dogg (2010). Travellers beware as Eagles (1977) claim that you can never leave the hotels in this area.

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Cosplay: Should Body Shape Matter?

Cosplay: Should Body Shape Matter?

Dec 26

I was watching Heroes of Cosplay, giving it a try, when an interesting issue was brought up. The issue of what matters in cosplay. I believe it was the second episode when they were discussing the idea of weight and most ofHarley Quinn the cast of that episode were saying that if a guy was three hundred pounds, he probably shouldn’t cosplay as Superman. To be fair I think they were talking about it in terms of competition, but it really hit a chord with me.

I understand that when cosplaying you want to be as similar to the character as possible and that in competitions likeness is very important. But what about craftsmanship? Or stage presence/the skit performace? Or the spirit of cosplay? I mean it is very rare that a person’s body would match up with everything he or she wants to cosplay. I am going from Blondie in Suckerpunch (who has a bit of a chest) to Enma Ai (a pre-pubescent girl). The characters are worlds apart in body type, but having neither of their body types has never stopped me. I think even from a competition perspective if a person has a better costume and better stage presence that they should rank over some person with a closer body type.

I won’t deny that having the body type of your characters would help sell your cosplay a whole lot more but that should be the bonus rather than what is really essential. I mean most character body types are impossible to achieve without surgery or at the least a ridiculously strict diet and gym regime anyway.

Cosplay is all about being the character you love and having fun. If you enter into competition then there is an added level of professionalism that needs to be in the costumes but that shouldn’t eclipse the having fun part or the love of ayayahan_fighting_stance character.

Of course there will always be douche-muffins who will say horrible things about a person’s body, but they have no lives, and you should never try to let that get to you!

However, I also have to say that if you are easily hurt by what people say, or feel self-conscious in a cosplay – maybe rethink it. You having a good time is all about being comfy, so if you want to push your boundaries, might I suggest baby steps?

So in summary: do things that will make you happy~! At the end of the day you will feel a lot better for it ^-^

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Well, That’s Awkward

Well, That’s Awkward

Dec 12

Dinner Time Conversations

If that had happened to me, I would want the ground to swallow me up…

Do you have any embarrasing stories?

{Source: A Man in a Dress is Dead}

Coming out of YOUR closet (because everyone will have one)

Coming out of YOUR closet (because everyone will have one)

Nov 11

Ash Beckham is an inspiring speaker. At around 2:30 she confronts a little girl about whether being a boy or a girl, and afterwards addresses why the closet is a tough place to be for anyone – and that there isn’t one type of closest. We ALL have closets – the closet is just something you feel shameful about that needs to be said.

Please watch, it is an inspiring video that redefined my concept of ‘the closet’.

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