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Cosplay: Should Body Shape Matter?

Cosplay: Should Body Shape Matter?

Dec 26

I was watching Heroes of Cosplay, giving it a try, when an interesting issue was brought up. The issue of what matters in cosplay. I believe it was the second episode when they were discussing the idea of weight and most ofHarley Quinn the cast of that episode were saying that if a guy was three hundred pounds, he probably shouldn’t cosplay as Superman. To be fair I think they were talking about it in terms of competition, but it really hit a chord with me.

I understand that when cosplaying you want to be as similar to the character as possible and that in competitions likeness is very important. But what about craftsmanship? Or stage presence/the skit performace? Or the spirit of cosplay? I mean it is very rare that a person’s body would match up with everything he or she wants to cosplay. I am going from Blondie in Suckerpunch (who has a bit of a chest) to Enma Ai (a pre-pubescent girl). The characters are worlds apart in body type, but having neither of their body types has never stopped me. I think even from a competition perspective if a person has a better costume and better stage presence that they should rank over some person with a closer body type.

I won’t deny that having the body type of your characters would help sell your cosplay a whole lot more but that should be the bonus rather than what is really essential. I mean most character body types are impossible to achieve without surgery or at the least a ridiculously strict diet and gym regime anyway.

Cosplay is all about being the character you love and having fun. If you enter into competition then there is an added level of professionalism that needs to be in the costumes but that shouldn’t eclipse the having fun part or the love of ayayahan_fighting_stance character.

Of course there will always be douche-muffins who will say horrible things about a person’s body, but they have no lives, and you should never try to let that get to you!

However, I also have to say that if you are easily hurt by what people say, or feel self-conscious in a cosplay – maybe rethink it. You having a good time is all about being comfy, so if you want to push your boundaries, might I suggest baby steps?

So in summary: do things that will make you happy~! At the end of the day you will feel a lot better for it ^-^

{Image Source: Miya Strange, Yaya Han}

Who Would Win: White Power Ranger vs. Scorpion

Who Would Win: White Power Ranger vs. Scorpion

Nov 22

Who do you think would win in a fight between the White Power Ranger and Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion? Machinima played out the scene.

This. Is. Awesome.

Cosplay at MCM London Comic Con

Cosplay at MCM London Comic Con

Nov 01

The Lin Kuei can only rely on each other right? No wonder that Sub Zero and Reptile had to eventually hook up. (These are ninjas from Mortal Kombat, for those not into the game).


Mhmm…yep. I can deal with this. So glad I got a photo of this.

I found the MCM Comic Con in London to be exceptionally crowded. There were SO many people it was near impossible to move on the Saturday. Fortunately for me, I had gone on the Friday as well – so I’d seen most of the stuff available and didn’t need to browse as much and so (thankfully) could spend most of my time away from the really thick crowds.

I did get to see some of the actresses in Lost Girl speak briefly – that was kinda cool. my boyfriend really wanted to ask Kenzie if he could get a cuddle…of course this was impossible. On the off-chance she’s reading this though, my boyfriend would totally appreciate a cuddle. ;)

Unfortunately, I am no photographer and didn’t bring a nice camera to the MCM London Comic Con – so here are a few of my favourite from the collection on Geeks Are Sexy by Nick Acott:

Wonder Woman Movie? Yes please!

Wonder Woman Movie? Yes please!

Oct 12

This is a fan trailer, and a wonderful example of why there should be a Wonder Woman movie. They say there’s not enough content to create a solo movie for Wonder Woman? Well considering how they’ve mauled every other superhero movie, I don’t think that’s a real problem. The comics didn’t sell well when they first came out? Hello – the rise of feminism has seen an entire generation of female geeks, not to mention feminist men, who are dying to see a Wonder Woman film now…we’re a very different society from when the comics first came out.

The care and effort that has gone into this trailer is the proof.

Make a Wonder Woman movie already! (And not just as one of the characters in the Justice League!)

[Thank you Rainfall films | Rainfall on Facebook]

Fake Geeks: Please Leave Comic-Con

Fake Geeks: Please Leave Comic-Con

Oct 01

This is a great video and embodies a lot about what this site is about. Being gay, being a geek – they’re both communities that been built from the fact that we have been left out and ostracised from the wider community. As homosexuality becomes more mainstream, as geeks become sexier, so too are the actual members of our communities merging with the wider population including people that perhaps don’t quite fit the bill but are wanting to be a part of it.

And that’s not a bad thing.

Jennifer Landa’s awesome satirical news piece flips the whole ‘fake geek girls’ argument that goes around the Internet these days onto the shirtless men that prance comic-con. It’s a great look at how the attention that cosplay can give is becoming a pretty ‘cool’ thing in society. And how people who don’t necessarily fit a more traditional idea of what a ‘geek’ is are participating too.

But she also reveals how they should be allowed to do it. Because the more fans the better, the more people who want to be like us the better.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks Jennifer, I loved this.

Con Report: Melbourne Comic Con 2013

Con Report: Melbourne Comic Con 2013

Jul 11

the crowds viewed from the second story

As any psychiatrist worth his porcelain phrenology bust knows, a pleasant environment is an essential factor to a person’s health and well-being. In that vein, a good venue can decide whether or not an event is a great day out or a sweaty, bustling waste of time.

The horror stories from Melbourne’s first ever Comic Con in 2012 revolve primarily around the bafflingly poor choice of venue. Crowds were so large that lines were eventually cut off at the door, with guests like Stan Lee and Patrick Stewart drawing numbers that event organisers clearly had no plans for. There have been rumours that this year’s venue change were due to Comic Con being kicked out of last year’s venue because of poor crowd control. So where did that leave us at Comic Con last weekend, in the new venue of Carlton’s Royal Exhibition Building?

Several of us here at Gay Geek were intensely skeptical about the change of venue. Was it big enough? Would the layout work? Would it even work as a geeky convention venue? For students of the University of Melbourne, the REB is a venue for exams and graduation, and thus not necessarily associated with a rollicking good time. But, despite that, the venue worked amazingly well.

The Royal Exhibition Building is a roomy, light-filled venue allowing for plenty of elbow room in the aisles and with enough space that jostling was kept to a minimum. The photo above was taken at around midday, when crowds were thickest. One of the most intelligent decisions this venue allowed was the placing of guest signings/ photographs to the second story, freeing up space on the ground floor. This prevented the clogging up of space with queues that is inevitable at other conventions. The natural light which enters the building and the beautiful gardens surrounding also mean that the venue is absolutely ideal for photography; other conventions are always in quite dark spaces with unpleasant surrounds, and getting pleasing photographs can be extremely difficult.

Hipster Ariel and a White Walker


The two biggest critiques offered by members of the Melbourne Cosplay Community were the length of the line to get into the building in the morning – the event organisers should take some tips from this year’s Supanova organisers and hire box offices and a higher number of volunteers on line management – and the outside placement of marquees. The day was fortunately sunny until the late afternoon, but it will still a bitterly cold Melbourne winter’s day. There were also reportedly some crowd control issues with the cosplay competition, with poor planning in regards to the queuing of entrants.

By all accounts the guests were fantastic, with some nostalgia-triggering attendees and wonderful panels. I was unable to personally engage in any of the guest activities due to extremely tight personal finances, but I was able to briefly glimpse Ron Perlman from a distance, and it was awesome. Members of the Melbourne Cosplay Community expressed the opinion that the Con felt more like a family event than other conventions, with less for the ‘hardcore’ fans, but most agree that this was in no way negative. And the extremely hardcore fans could not have been too disappointed, given the presence of Green Lotus Tattoos providing genuine ink at the event (if anyone got a tattoo at Comic Con and would like to share their pictures, drop us a line!).

An extremely inventive costume, plus some adorable kids!

I attended the Fannibal and Vicklockian meet-ups outside the venue in the afternoon, my first time at any form of fan meet-up, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and humour of the people I met – as I always am at conventions – and would definitely recommend attending or organising meet-ups with members of your fandom.

Overall the event was extremely successful. The organisers definitely have a way to go in terms of fluid and efficient crowd control, but the beautiful venue went a long way towards improving the overall enjoyment of the event. The event has progressed enormously since the slightly disastrous beginning that was last year.

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