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ANZ’s “GAYTMs” for Sydney’s Mardi Gras

ANZ’s “GAYTMs” for Sydney’s Mardi Gras

Feb 24

After eight years consecutively supporting the world-famous (some might say infamous) Sydney Mardi Gras (which is actually Gay Pride), ANZ has taken being being the inaugural principal partner in 2014 to heart. By gay-ifying its ATMs into…that’s right…GAYTMs.

They’ve commissioned artists to individually decorate 10 different ATMs all around Sydney – Oxford Street, Pitt Street, George Street, Castlereagh Street, Surry Hills and Bondi Junction (you can find a map of the locations at – which hit the streets yesterday. They’ve totally glamourised these ATMs with names like “Hello Sailor” and “Pride”, they’re rhinestoney colourful marvels from which money comes forth if you press the right buttons. Yeah, you get the innuendo. ;)

And if you’re not with ANZ – go go go use these GAYTMs because ANZ will be donating the the operator fees for non-ANZ cardholders to Twenty10, a not-for-profit organisation that supports young people and their family and friends who are dealing with gender and sexuality issues. So don’t hesitate to go and use these machines, because it’s for a good cause…and, well…they’re so cool! :D




Take some fun pictures outside the GAYTMs and send them in to us and we’ll post them! Or Tweet them at us @minorityx2. Don’t forget to add the official hashtag they’re using #GAYTM :D

Try NaNoWriMo Now

Try NaNoWriMo Now

Nov 14
Want to write a novel in November?

Want to write a novel in November?

For those of you who haven’t heard, National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as we affectionately know it) is happening right now. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month. It is a difficult challenge and one that has been occupying my time a lot as of late.

“The world needs your novel” is what the official website tells you. I’m sure that it’s true. The goal of this challenge is to promote reading and writing and above all to help participants discover the novelist inside. If you have an idea that you’ve been planning to get out, use this challenge as a way of pressuring yourself to do so. It’s been working for me so far.

I know that we’re already halfway through the month of November but don’t let that discourage you! I’ve been contending with my exam for this novel and many other people are too. Even more encouraging is the news I heard recently of a woman who was too impatient to wait for November. Catherynne M. Valente challenged herself to write her first novel in 10 days! This could be something you decide to take on yourself and race to finish in time for November 30th.

NaNoWriMo may show you a determined, thoughtful and creative side of yourself that you might never have thought was there. Despite the very short time still left in the competition, I would sincerely urge everyone to have a crack at it anyway. It doesn’t matter if you think you suck. If you write something that ends up being Eye of Argon levels of terrible, just remember this advice from Jake:


Jake's Advice


Failure is just a step forward on the road to success. You are writer. Hear you ROAR!!!

Images courtesy of NaNoWriMo: [1|2]

Find out more and register at Registering allows you to reap rewards for your efforts as winners of the challenge will receive prizes! Don’t forget to support the great folks who run this event by donating too.

Cosplay at MCM London Comic Con

Cosplay at MCM London Comic Con

Nov 01

The Lin Kuei can only rely on each other right? No wonder that Sub Zero and Reptile had to eventually hook up. (These are ninjas from Mortal Kombat, for those not into the game).


Mhmm…yep. I can deal with this. So glad I got a photo of this.

I found the MCM Comic Con in London to be exceptionally crowded. There were SO many people it was near impossible to move on the Saturday. Fortunately for me, I had gone on the Friday as well – so I’d seen most of the stuff available and didn’t need to browse as much and so (thankfully) could spend most of my time away from the really thick crowds.

I did get to see some of the actresses in Lost Girl speak briefly – that was kinda cool. my boyfriend really wanted to ask Kenzie if he could get a cuddle…of course this was impossible. On the off-chance she’s reading this though, my boyfriend would totally appreciate a cuddle. ;)

Unfortunately, I am no photographer and didn’t bring a nice camera to the MCM London Comic Con – so here are a few of my favourite from the collection on Geeks Are Sexy by Nick Acott:

All Hallow’s Read

All Hallow’s Read

Oct 05


Give someone a fright this Hallowe’en!

Started by Neil Gaiman in 2010, All Hallow’s Read is an initiative in which people are encouraged to give each other scary books to celebrate Hallowe’en. The books don’t have to be new, and you don’t have to get one in return – just as long as you share a little horror!

Neil Gaiman proposed the event due to the lack of days on the calender which involve giving books to people. We at Gay Geek most certainly support the spreading around of the written word. So, who will you be giving a scary book to this Hallowe’en, and which book do you hope comes your way?

If you want to get involved but aren’t sure what book to give someone, check out the recommendation list on the All Hallow’s Read website.

[Image: flickr]

Women of Sci-Fi Event

Women of Sci-Fi Event

Sep 12


If you live in Melbourne, have a bit of cash to spare, and love seeing fantastic women in sci-fi, You might want to get along to the Women of Sci-fi event, happening this weekend. The special guests are Erin Gray, known for her role as Col Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers, and Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura (aka perfect space queen) in the original, groundbreaking Star Trek series.

You can get your tickets from the Gifts for the Geek website here. They’re a bit pricey, but definitely worth it! This is the sort of event we at Gay Geek love to see, so grab your tickets while you can! (And if you can’t make it to the actual day, Gifts for the Geek are also selling Absentee Packs, with signed photos of the special guests. Don’t miss out!).

If you do manage to get along, and want to let us know how it went, send us an event report to [email protected]!

New Doctor Revealed!

New Doctor Revealed!

Aug 05


It was revealed just an hour and a half ago that the new star of Doctor Who, the long-running BBC science fiction series, is Scottish actor Peter Capaldi.

The announcement was made today during a live broadcast at 4am AEST. Capaldi was the bookie favourite for the role, despite appearances in previous episodes of the show. His announcement as the twelfth Doctor was made with far more pomp and ceremony that any previous Doctor has been subject to.

Capaldi’s casting is breaking with the Doctor Who tradition of casting relatively unknown actors in the role of the Doctor. He has an acting career spanning over two decades, with a number of previous television stints. In 1995 he won the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film. He has also appeared in a number of feature films, including recent zombie flick World War Z. Capaldi is best known for his lead role in tv show The Thick of It. He has also appeared in a previous Doctor Who episode (“The Fires of Pompeii”, along with Karen Gillian) and played a prominent role in Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood. Previous Doctors such as Colin Baker have also appeared as characters before being cast as the Doctor, so this in itself is not unusual.

He will take the place of Matt Smith, who began as the Doctor in 2010, along with Steven Moffat as new head writer on the show. Matt Smith’s last appearance as the Doctor will be in the 50th anniversary special on the 23rd of November. We shall see Smith regenerate into Capaldi’s Doctor in the Christmas special.

So what does this mean for the direction of the show? After a strong first season, Moffat’s run on Doctor Who has been plagued with criticism, with patchy quality being just one of the many gripes fans have leveled at the show. Additional charges of misogyny will not be helped by Moffatt’s ‘jokes’ during the live telecast about Helen Mirren’s calls for a female Doctor, stating that next time perhaps the Queen should be played by a man.

The ‘space boyfriend’ dynamic which has been part of both Matt Smith and David Tennant’s – and, to some extent, Christopher Eccleston’s – runs as the Doctor will obviously be gone, and it shall be interesting to see what direction Twelve’s relationship with his companion Clara Oswald will take. The return to an older Doctor, especially played by an established actor, could either see a return to a ‘classic Who‘ feel, or be a move into new, slightly darker territory.

We here at Gay Geek welcome Peter Capaldi to the role, and, much as we shall mourn the loss of Matt Smith, we look forward to the 50th anniversary and Christmas specials and the new Doctor’s glorious reign.

[Image: imdb]

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