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Cosplay at MCM London Comic Con

Cosplay at MCM London Comic Con

Nov 01

The Lin Kuei can only rely on each other right? No wonder that Sub Zero and Reptile had to eventually hook up. (These are ninjas from Mortal Kombat, for those not into the game).


Mhmm…yep. I can deal with this. So glad I got a photo of this.

I found the MCM Comic Con in London to be exceptionally crowded. There were SO many people it was near impossible to move on the Saturday. Fortunately for me, I had gone on the Friday as well – so I’d seen most of the stuff available and didn’t need to browse as much and so (thankfully) could spend most of my time away from the really thick crowds.

I did get to see some of the actresses in Lost Girl speak briefly – that was kinda cool. my boyfriend really wanted to ask Kenzie if he could get a cuddle…of course this was impossible. On the off-chance she’s reading this though, my boyfriend would totally appreciate a cuddle. ;)

Unfortunately, I am no photographer and didn’t bring a nice camera to the MCM London Comic Con – so here are a few of my favourite from the collection on Geeks Are Sexy by Nick Acott:

Daft Cube – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on a Rubix Cube

Daft Cube – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on a Rubix Cube

Oct 16

This is way too cool. I don’t know if you’ve seen the original Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger parodies Daft Hands and Daft Bodies (say hello to the people you’ve been living under a rock with), but this is an awesome take on it by tehcubedude. Love it.

Just as a side note, being the gay boy I am, I chanced upon this while looking up the other videos. Why did I not see it before? Yum yum.

Real Men in Underwear Ads

Real Men in Underwear Ads

Oct 07

So the Sun recently posted this amazing article where “real” men strike the pose of the so-called “hot” men in the underwear ads.

For me, this collection of photos only goes to prove to me that my taste is so far from the mainstream: I find the “real” men so much more attractive than their “hot” counterparts. Give me that “real” bear posing for the Calvin Klein ad over Freddie Ljungberg any day of the week!

[The Sun via Queerty | Photos by Stewart Williams]

Eye-Candy Alert: New Arrow Posters

Eye-Candy Alert: New Arrow Posters

Oct 03

I’ll just leave these here. I don’t think I really need to say much more, do I?

The new season of “Arrow” begins on the CW (in the USA) on October 9th. I can’t wait for it.

Geekery with man-candy? Yep, I like this show…a lot.

[Via Comic Book Resources]

The Sexiest Breast Cancer Check Reminder

The Sexiest Breast Cancer Check Reminder

Aug 17

Mmmhmm. This “Your Man Reminder” app may be made for the ladies (in order to remember to check for breast cancer) but there is absolutely nothing stopping us gay men having a good gander at the sexy, sexy men.

There have been times I wish I had breasts, and this may be one of them.

And oh…oh…oh god they updated the app. And gave us another video…I need some alone time.

Thank you Rethink Breast Cancer. You guys rock. I absolutely do not mind the objectification of men going on here…not one little bit.

Download the app on iPhone or on Android.

Beautiful Boys Free! from the Restrictions of Clothing

Beautiful Boys Free! from the Restrictions of Clothing

Jul 17

If you’ve been dipping your toes into the anime scene lately, you’ll have likely heard the big stir around this new series.

With only two episodes released, the handsome boys of the Iwatobi swimming club are already making a splash. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club – a.k.a. Free! - is the latest project by Kyoto Animation. Based on the light novel High Speed by Kōji Ōji, the show falls into the ‘fanservice’ category of anime with its visual appeal, attractive characters and relationship-focused storytelling. So what can be said about the show so far?

Prior to the title’s announcement, the internet dubbed the project simply “that sexy swimming anime” – a nickname which has stuck even post-premiere. Rest assured, it delivers all that its name promises!

The visual appeal is flawless (I’m talking about the animation, oh sly-minded readers). The drawing style is pleasing to the eye and the setting is gorgeous to boot. What else would we expect from the studio which brought us gems such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiyaand K-On!? Fans of the latter will instantly recognise similarities in the character design.

So far, the characters themselves are by no means unique. Each neatly fits into tropes familiar to anyone who isn’t new to the ‘boy love’ genre, making this a great introductory anime. However, that’s not to discourage anime veterans from giving Free! a shot. Director Hiroko Utsumi has expressed his desire to base the strength of the plot on the boys’ relationships with each other, as opposed to pure rivalry which other sports-based anime focus on. This has come through strongly, the writers using the first episodes largely to elaborate on the backstory to the boys’ current lives. While this meant there was less time devoted to character development beyond the basics, the story gets watchers asking enough questions to sustain interest.

What struck me in particular, as I unashamedly fulfilled my investigative duties, was the score. The soundtrack to Free! continues to entertain beyond the opening credits and really complements the youthfulness of the characters and the feelings of competition between them.

Of course, let’s not forgo the obvious: the primary reason you should treat yourself to this pretty anime is for some fit. Shirtless. WET guys who are really ridiculously good-looking. The main character alone is so eager to spend quality time in the pool he literally strips at the mere mention of the word. (You think I’m kidding? His strip count for episode one sits at three.)

In summary, Free! has made a beautiful debut and holds promise of big adventures ahead for the Iwatobi boys. GayGeek’s final verdict? Dive right in!


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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