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As referenced in Dre et 2Pac, 1995

As referenced in Dre et 2Pac, 1995

Jan 12

The party state

Also confirmed by Perry and Dogg (2010). Travellers beware as Eagles (1977) claim that you can never leave the hotels in this area.

{Image Source: SickeningLiberal}

The Flip Side: Gender Roles Reversed

The Flip Side: Gender Roles Reversed

Jan 05

A rather amusing look at what the jungle of straight club hooking up would look like were the (stereotypical) roles of women and men to be reversed. It’s not a sausage fest, but “a taco fest in here” (that’s my favourite line).

This is just the first in the series from Yahoo Screen called The Flip Side. There’s so many there to watch!

What do our hetero readers think about the video? I think it’s kinda funny…I’d be amused to see some stereotype LGBT parodies that were like “What if gays were like Lesbians” etc. Someone read this and do it!

The Secret Texts Between Superheroes

The Secret Texts Between Superheroes

Dec 30


Someone has hacked Superheroes smartphones and revealed all those dirty little secrets found within…

[More at Texts From Superheroes]

We got tranzizzled

We got tranzizzled

Dec 28


This site it actually kinda awesome. And I don’t mean Gay Geek – I mean the Gizoogle Tranzizzler.

Check out what Gay Geek looks like when it’s been put through the Tranzizzler. We be smokin’.

I particularly like some of the changes to blog titles: “A Film of One’s Own: Why Wonder Biatch isn’t Dope Enough” and “Knittin from the Vajizzy”

Go ahead and play withe the Tranzizzler yourself and let us know your favourite tranzizzled sites!

Burn Mr. Scarecrow, Burn

Burn Mr. Scarecrow, Burn

Dec 24



I always knew Dorothy would do just about anything to be safe and warm, that the Tin Man was just a bit heartless and the Lion would never have the courage to stand up to the others. Took advantage of poor, brainless Scarecrow.

[Get it on a t-shirt | via Never Not a Nerd]

Well, That’s Awkward

Well, That’s Awkward

Dec 12

Dinner Time Conversations

If that had happened to me, I would want the ground to swallow me up…

Do you have any embarrasing stories?

{Source: A Man in a Dress is Dead}

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