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New Sailor Moon anime to be streamed worldwide

New Sailor Moon anime to be streamed worldwide

May 02

Prepare for a giant dose of childhood feels as the biggest reboot since Star Wars hits screens in July!

A renewal of Naoko Takeuchi’s magical girl hit, Sailor Moon is set to be simulcast worldwide in July, much to the delight of fans of the original anime.

The new anime, Sailor Moon Crystal will feature a storyline much closer to that of the original manga, breathing new life into the classic which introduced a generation to the anime genre.

The first official pictures have been released, depicting our heroine Usagi Tsukino and the four inner senshi in their scout sailor fuku and school uniforms (scroll to the end to see)! Like the plot, the character design will strongly mimic the manga art style.

Adding to our growing excitement is the confirmation of the principal cast: Sailor Moon’s original seiyuu, Kotono Mitsuishi, will reprise her role as Usagi Tsukino in the reboot. “I want to hurry up and meet moving Usagi again,” Mitsuishi says, as keen as anyone to see our favourite heroine return to the screen!

Kotono Mitsuishi announces return to role as Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon Crystal

Kotono Mitsuishi announces return to role as Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon Crystal. (photo source)

Newcomers to the cast include:

Hisako Kanemoto : Sailor Mercury
Rina Satou : Sailor Mars
Ami Koshimizu : Sailor Jupiter
Sizuka Itou : Sailor Venus

Toei Animation, the studio which brought us the first series, will retain production of the new show. For fans of the original ‘90s anime, the treats keep on coming!

Australian fans can look forward to a real treat — anime fans heading to Sydney’s popular SMASH! convention in August have the chance to meet Mitsuishi, who has been announced as a guest to the 2014 event.

The official Japanese site has been launched and updates will hopefully keep flowing in.

Until then, grab your magical girl transformation lockets and start the countdown!

Sailor Moon Crystal will be broadcast worldwide via Niconico from July 5.

senshi01 senshimercury_1-359x500 senshimars_1-359x500 senshijupiter_1-359x500 senshivenus_1-359x500Pictures courtesy of Nerdist

ANZ’s “GAYTMs” for Sydney’s Mardi Gras

ANZ’s “GAYTMs” for Sydney’s Mardi Gras

Feb 24

After eight years consecutively supporting the world-famous (some might say infamous) Sydney Mardi Gras (which is actually Gay Pride), ANZ has taken being being the inaugural principal partner in 2014 to heart. By gay-ifying its ATMs into…that’s right…GAYTMs.

They’ve commissioned artists to individually decorate 10 different ATMs all around Sydney – Oxford Street, Pitt Street, George Street, Castlereagh Street, Surry Hills and Bondi Junction (you can find a map of the locations at anz.com/gaytm) – which hit the streets yesterday. They’ve totally glamourised these ATMs with names like “Hello Sailor” and “Pride”, they’re rhinestoney colourful marvels from which money comes forth if you press the right buttons. Yeah, you get the innuendo. ;)

And if you’re not with ANZ – go go go use these GAYTMs because ANZ will be donating the the operator fees for non-ANZ cardholders to Twenty10, a not-for-profit organisation that supports young people and their family and friends who are dealing with gender and sexuality issues. So don’t hesitate to go and use these machines, because it’s for a good cause…and, well…they’re so cool! :D




Take some fun pictures outside the GAYTMs and send them in to us and we’ll post them! Or Tweet them at us @minorityx2. Don’t forget to add the official hashtag they’re using #GAYTM :D

Subaru ‘Titan’ commercial goes viral

Subaru ‘Titan’ commercial goes viral

Jan 27

If you, like me, long ago grew tired of the turf wars between Ford and Holden enthusiasts, you can now safely take a neutral side.

Japanese car manufacturer Subaru has made ingenious use of makeup, prosthetics and green screen technology to bring to life the monsters of a popular anime for a television advertisment.

An actress is transformed into a titan for the Subaru commercial.

An actress is transformed into a titan for the Subaru commercial. Source

進撃の巨人 (‘Shingeki no Kyojin’; Attack on Titan) is the hit anime based on the manga of the same name, written by Hajime Isayama, in which humankind have been hunted to the brink of extinction by giant humanoid monsters called ‘titans’.

The thrilling series has been well-received by countless fans in Japan and internationally (including some of us here at Gay Geek)!

In the commercial, which went viral overnight, a shiny new car can be seen skillfully evading the grips of two titans which have appeared in the anime. It concludes with a dramatic focus on the iconic recurring monster in the series; the aptly-named Colossal Titan.

With rumours running rampant of a live-action movie adaption, this commercial gives a glimpse of how titans might appear onscreen in a realistic, 3-dimensional portrayal!

Homophobic security guards fired in Melbourne

Homophobic security guards fired in Melbourne

Dec 22


According to The Gay News Network, reporting news from The Age, two security guards at at pub called the Prahran Hotel were fired after ejecting a man who was complaining about homophobic slurs from another patron.

The victim was a freelance journalist, Stephen Russell, who was celebrating a birthday at the pub, and he claims the offenders he was complaining about had been taunting them all evening.

Instead of getting riled up and starting a fight (which is an all too common scene here in Aus), he approached the bouncers. “I thought I was doing the right thing by going to them to report this other punter who had been hurling abuse at us all afternoon, and to my complete shock, the bouncer started getting really aggro with me.”

Russell claims the security guards said to him, “What do you want us to do? This is not a gay bar,” before being thrown from the premises with the reasoning that “faggots weren’t welcome”.

Of course, the pub’s owners did an internal investigation which eventually led to the sacking of both security guards involved. We can at least see there justice being done.

But that man’s night was still ruined, a birthday celebration was ruined. No amount of compensation or justice will ever let them get that back.

While it’s fantastic, and I applaud and thank the Prahran Hotel for making a statement that homophobic behaviour won’t be tolerated, why did they act this way in the first place? I know the hotel cannot be held accountable for the actions of a few individuals, but why is there no screening process in place? Why are security guards not informed of the pub’s policy to not tolerate homophobic behaviour?

The skeptic in me also leads me to wonder – did the Prahran Hotel really care about the homophobia, or are they only making these statements because the word got out and they had to look good in the press?

What do you think? Comment below!

[Photo Credit: Graham Less]

A Film of One’s Own: Why Sidekick Wonder Woman isn’t Good Enough

A Film of One’s Own: Why Sidekick Wonder Woman isn’t Good Enough

Dec 19

Recently we learned that the as-yet-unnamed sequel to ‘Man of Steel’ will add another famous face to its lineup of heroes. Laying the foundations for a Justice League answer to the success of Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ film, Warner Brothers have confirmed that Wonder Woman will appear in the 2015 production starring Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill).

Arguably DC’s most iconic and popular heroine, Wonder Woman – a.k.a. Diana Prince – has been a long-time fan favourite; her image recognised and replicated far beyond the comics. It’s been a long time coming, but the Amazonian princess is finally set to debut in her first feature-length, live action film.*

So why are her fans so furious?

While we’ve long awaited her debut on the big screen, we’re less-than-thrilled to learn that she will be second fiddle in someone else’s movie (why are we seeing what feels like the tenth Batman movie before we see Wonder Woman in her first solo?) and the casting of her character.

Here are the two things incredibly wrong about all this:

#1. The ‘sidekick’ status. Wonder Woman is a supporting cast member instead of the leading lady. She has been relegated to the sidelines and, while visibility of women in media is an excellent mark of progress, there are some things only the titular character can enjoy.

Diana has a rich and exciting story which should be explored fully. This is something which would be difficult to include in a story focusing on one other superhero, let alone two. Supporting characters simply do not experience the full development and personal transformation like that of the primary protagonist.

I’ve seen enough movies to know the formula Hollywood works by. Here’s how her scenes will go:

She’ll appear, probably dramatically, just in time to save the day in a skirmish early on in the film. We’ll have a short introduction to her history when the chaos blows over – just enough to produce a general idea of her origins – before we return to the main arc of conflict surrounding Batman and Superman. She’ll have some butt-kicking moments (perhaps even a scene where the enemy is so shocked that a woman has bested him in combat! Gasp!) but ultimately Clark and Bruce will have the final hurrah. Roll credits.

The sad truth is, as long as Wonder Woman is merely a back-up to the big boys, she’ll never be their fully-fledged equal.

How much of Wonder Woman’s part has been scripted solely for the sake of having a female superhero? Will the director celebrate her strength as a woman, or will her scenes be more reminiscient of the fanservice Gadot provided us in The Fast and the Furious? It certainly makes you wonder when the film’s casting agents asked specifically for “exotic”-looking actresses for the role. Tokenism and the fetishization of women of colour are very harmful forces which the film industry has only recently begun to address. It would be a shame to take a backwards step.

Let’s check out the second point of contention:

#2. Gadot’s ‘model material’ body. Diana’s muscular frame are more than just for show, they are part of her intrinsic character; strong, proud and powerful – a legendary Amazonian warrior endowed with godly powers. Her presence is meant to be commanding.

The problems of a very thin Wonder Woman on her own are doubled when we then think about her alongside other heroes. Instead of standing tall and strong like the titular heroes Batman and Superman, this Wonder Woman will quite literally be half their size (even whilst teetering in what will likely be high heels).

Such a difference in frame shrinks her physical prowress and presence in comparison to her male peers, reinforcing the idea that women are the ‘lesser’ heroes in capability and in appearance.

Intentional or not, Warner Bros. has made a major statement in their decision to cast an actress with such a thin figure. If Wonder Woman can’t appear onscreen played by someone bigger than size zero, who can?

It seems that her inclusion is an attempt to toss as many recogniseable characters as possible into the movie in hopes of recreating the success of Marvel’s Avengers. This incarnation of Wonder Woman seems to be making an appearance merely to appease viewers calling for female superheroes to be given their due. Warner Bros. will tell us that this is something we should be happy with; isn’t it nice, how she helped the main characters succeed? Shouldn’t we be satisfied that Wonder Woman helps the boys save the day?

But this is not what we have been asking for. This is not good enough. This is second-best and Warner Bros. knows it.

Wonder Woman’s name isn’t included in the title. She’s yet to appear on posters or official promotional material. She will be half their size and will receive half their screen time.

Wonder Woman is not “starring alongside” Batman and Superman. This is their movie and it will be their story; their journey, their obstacles to overcome and ultimately, their triumph.

So until she is given what she deserves – a film of her own – Wonder Woman fans will just have to raise our voices a little louder!



Disclaimer: GayGeek is pleased that Gadot is expanding her career horizons and wishes her all the best. The only regret felt here is at Warner Brothers’ treatment of Wonder Woman the character and their obstinate refusal to give female DC heroines the same chance as their male peers to star onscreen.
*Preceded only by a Lego toy in her image in the upcoming LEGO movie (which ALSO has Batman set to play a more central role).

Try NaNoWriMo Now

Try NaNoWriMo Now

Nov 14
Want to write a novel in November?

Want to write a novel in November?

For those of you who haven’t heard, National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as we affectionately know it) is happening right now. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month. It is a difficult challenge and one that has been occupying my time a lot as of late.

“The world needs your novel” is what the official website tells you. I’m sure that it’s true. The goal of this challenge is to promote reading and writing and above all to help participants discover the novelist inside. If you have an idea that you’ve been planning to get out, use this challenge as a way of pressuring yourself to do so. It’s been working for me so far.

I know that we’re already halfway through the month of November but don’t let that discourage you! I’ve been contending with my exam for this novel and many other people are too. Even more encouraging is the news I heard recently of a woman who was too impatient to wait for November. Catherynne M. Valente challenged herself to write her first novel in 10 days! This could be something you decide to take on yourself and race to finish in time for November 30th.

NaNoWriMo may show you a determined, thoughtful and creative side of yourself that you might never have thought was there. Despite the very short time still left in the competition, I would sincerely urge everyone to have a crack at it anyway. It doesn’t matter if you think you suck. If you write something that ends up being Eye of Argon levels of terrible, just remember this advice from Jake:


Jake's Advice


Failure is just a step forward on the road to success. You are writer. Hear you ROAR!!!

Images courtesy of NaNoWriMo: [1|2]

Find out more and register at nanowrimo.org. Registering allows you to reap rewards for your efforts as winners of the challenge will receive prizes! Don’t forget to support the great folks who run this event by donating too.

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