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Grindr in Real Life

Grindr in Real Life

Nov 20

If you know about Grindr, then this video pretty much needs no introduction. If you don’t know what Grindr is, well, it’s a gay “dating” app where it displays profiles of other people on the app who are near you by using geo-location on your phone. It has a…reputation for being quite…sexually oriented.

But then again, anyone who’s made any sort of foray into the world of online dating for gay men will know that that’s pretty unavoidable.

This is actually a clip from a longer documentary by Will Means that you can view here.

9 Health Problems of the Geek Lifestyle

9 Health Problems of the Geek Lifestyle

Aug 31

Geeks! I am calling all geeks! If you fall under the banner of geekdom please read the following. It may save you from surgery or having weird sperm. No joke.

9 Health Problems the Geek Lifestyle May Cause
Source: BestMedicalDegrees.com

The Sexiest Breast Cancer Check Reminder

The Sexiest Breast Cancer Check Reminder

Aug 17

Mmmhmm. This “Your Man Reminder” app may be made for the ladies (in order to remember to check for breast cancer) but there is absolutely nothing stopping us gay men having a good gander at the sexy, sexy men.

There have been times I wish I had breasts, and this may be one of them.

And oh…oh…oh god they updated the app. And gave us another video…I need some alone time.

Thank you Rethink Breast Cancer. You guys rock. I absolutely do not mind the objectification of men going on here…not one little bit.

Download the app on iPhone or on Android.

Which Mobile Phone is Best for Gambling in 2013?

Which Mobile Phone is Best for Gambling in 2013?

Aug 15


You know you do it – you play games on your phone all the time while waiting for the train/bus/tram, while waiting for the doctor’s appointment, while waiting for your lame friend who is never on time. And, of course, smartphones have only made the games more exciting, with high frame rates and impressive graphics for such small screens. And if you’re a gambler, then accessing casino games from your pocket is a real plus of the internet-enabled smartphones too. The interface is actually really well-suited to casino games, since you can take your time choosing where you’ll place your bets and from just the touch of a finger place your bets.

If you’re a gambler, you’re going to want to be getting the full experience when you’re playing from your pocket. So if you’re looking to upgrade to a new smartphone to play, which phones are suited to doing a little gambling a la phone?
Top of the list is probably the Apple iPhone 5. It’s the latest and most powerful phone from Apple and is highly standardised, meaning it’s pretty difficult to lose the aesthetic quality of the game design. The CPU runs at 1.3 GHz, which ensures gameplay runs smoothly and since it’s the latest model, probably going to give you a bit of longevity. As much longevity as you get from smartphones these days anyway.

But if you’re a Mac-hater or simply a Google-lover, then Android isn’t necessarily a completely inferior option. You’ve just got to be careful which Android phone you buy. If you buy something a bit more obscure, you might end up with gameplay that’s a little erratic and not as enjoyable since it wasn’t specifically designed for that phone. However, the HTC One is probably a good choice – it’s actually more powerful than the iPhone 5 with a 1.7GHz quad core processor, and is likely to have the same longevity offered by an iPhone 5, if not a greater one. The downside is simply the Android vs. iOS thing – with iOS, you have apps designed specifically for the one and only handset. Android has to account for other shapes and sizes.

These are probably the top two phones that you’d want to be playing Gaming Club mobile casino games on, but there are of course other (cheaper) options that you should look into. The best advice is to talk to the customer reps at the store. Tell them what you’re looking for – that you’re wanting to play casino games in addition to checking your emails yada yada – and they’ll recommend a few models.


This post was provided by Gaming Club mobile casino.

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My iPhone is a Monty Python nerd?

My iPhone is a Monty Python nerd?

Mar 03

So me and my friends were playing around with Siri and I asked “What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?” And then this happened:


A true OMG moment.

For those who don’t get it, educate your fool self!

Horrible Hauntings: Ghost in the Machine

Horrible Hauntings: Ghost in the Machine

Oct 31

To end up our day of Halloween fun, let me tell you about this cool augmented reality thing.

For those of you that don’t know what augmented reality is, jfgi. Kidding. Basically, augmented reality is a child of the smartphone movement – hold up your smart device and the camera detects what it sees and displays it. The augmented reality app will then overlay the image on your device with cool “other stuff” that makes a whole new reality inside the device.

As a writer, I can appreciate the amazing implications this could have, and so apparently did Shirin Yim Bridges, author of Horrible Hauntings: An Augmented Reality Collection of Ghosts and Ghouls. Combined with the illustrations of William Maughan, it is a delightfully creepy children’s book, with page-long tales of some of the most famous ghosts. This includes the Flying Dutchman, Bloody Mary and the Headless Horseman to name a few.

But the book is so much more when used in conjunction with an iOS or Android device. The app designed to go with the book allows you to not only view the ghosts parading out from your book – it even adds a bit of interactivity. You can blow into the microphone to sent The Flying Dutchman’s sails aflutter. You can trace your finger across the screen and watch the Amherst Poltergeist send objects flying. Check out this video for how it works:

It’s a brilliant way to use augmented reality, because it’s not just using it for the sake of it either. It actually works brilliantly with the content since the pages of the book itself are haunted with ghosts that you can only reveal with your special ghost-detecting-machine. Makes you feel a little like a ghostbuster doesn’t it?

I hope to see more books augmented with augmented reality in the future – because it’s just damned cool.

Has anyone else had awesome experiences with augmented reality? Or just think this is damned cool too? Let us know in the comments!

[Buy Horrible Hauntings on Amazon for $14.93 | Via Wired GeekDad]

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