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Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island

Feb 17


If you like rabbits head to Okunoshima, Japan. This island off Hiroshima is a paradise for rabbits, with a far greater population of rabbits then of people. In fact people have nick-named it Usagi-Shima, meaning “Rabbit Island”.

The Okunoshima rabbits are so used to people, that when approached (especially with food) they don’t run away. Now I don’t know about you, but if I ever go to Japan, Okunoshima would be one of my stops.

This fluffy little island actually has a pretty dark past. In 1925 there was a huge push in chemical weapons development in Japan and they have   built a massive center on the island. The subject of the experiments for the biological weapons is a rabbit. After World War II had finished, the island was cleared of any residents and the rabbit freed and continued to populate the island.

In 1988 people were allowed to populate and visit the Okunoshima again, and to their suprise there was an infestation of rabbits!! Well, when I say infestation I only meant the cuddly kind :)

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Humphead Parrotfish

Humphead Parrotfish

Feb 01

It’s no joke, this creature actually exists! Not Mother Nature’s finest hour, but at least this baby can much through rocks.



Humphead Parrotfish 2

Doesn’t it remind you a little of Nigel Thornberry?

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R U Ok?Day [TODAY!]

R U Ok?Day [TODAY!]

Sep 13

What is R U OK?Day? From

R U OK?Day is a national day of action on the second Thursday of September (13 September 2012), dedicated to inspiring all people of all backgrounds to regularly ask each other ‘Are you ok?’

Also from our All-Australian hunk, Mr. Jackman:

So listen to Wolverine and ask someone today,

If you, or someone you know does need help, R U OK?Day doesn’t provide crisis support. Call 1800 RUOKDAY (1800 7865 329) which will connect you to 5 Australian support lines.

[R  U OK?Day Website | Facebook | Twitter | You Tube]

Fantasy Book Pin-Up Girls 2013 Calendar

Fantasy Book Pin-Up Girls 2013 Calendar

Sep 13

Patrick Rothfuss is a major literary geek and last year, he managed to “accidentally” publish a calendar of pin-up girls inspired by literary authors. Here are a few of them:

Now, for 2013, they’ve decided to do so again. This time with fantasy authors. They, unfortunately, haven’t yet released the artwork (they’ve got us salivating with the promise of uploading in the next few weeks) but judging from the quality of the ones from last year, I think it’s going to be good. Especially if you check out this list of fantasy authors they’ve got on board!

I was walking down the streets of Melbourne the other day with my friend, Miss. Fox, and we saw a girl hula-hooping to music, as you do in this wonderfully artsy city. I threw her what coins I had in my wallet, because she was really good. My friend commented that she looked like a pin-up girl – and she did. Curvy figure with a narrow waist, which accentuated full breasts that stretched out a tight top and thick thighs clad in hot-pants. “I really like that kind of figure, it’s very aesthetically pleasing,” says the bisexual Mercedes Fox. I tended to agree but I also asked, “Do you think that’s a product of our society, or what is naturally sexy on a woman?” What do you think?

Either way, I’m geared up for this calendar, and I’m tempted to pre-order it. If you do, you can order more than 2 and get a discount. Here’s what Patrick Rothfuss said:

  • A heads-up to retailers.

Do you run a bookstore or some other geek-friendly business? Do you love things that are awesome? Would you like to sell copies of the calendar and help make the world a better place?


If so, drop us an e-mail at:

questions [squiggly at sign]

We’ll make it happen.


  • A chance to pre-order.

You can pre-order your copy of the 2013 calendar right now if you like.


We’re even offering a special pre-order deal. If you order 2 or more calendars, you’ll get a $6.00 discount if you use coupon code PINMEUP.


Also, we’re shipping calendars out in the order they come in, so ordering early means you’ll get your calendar sooner.


But you need to remember that this is a pre-order.


Calendars won’t start shipping until early November.


Still, if you’re interested: you can head over right now and order copies from our online store: The Tinker’s Packs.

The calendar itself is only $20, so if you’ve got a friend who wants one as well, you’ll only end up paying $17 each! That’s pretty good value for a calendar of hot women in geekery!

[Via Patrick Rothfuss]