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Subaru ‘Titan’ commercial goes viral

Subaru ‘Titan’ commercial goes viral

Jan 27

If you, like me, long ago grew tired of the turf wars between Ford and Holden enthusiasts, you can now safely take a neutral side.

Japanese car manufacturer Subaru has made ingenious use of makeup, prosthetics and green screen technology to bring to life the monsters of a popular anime for a television advertisment.

An actress is transformed into a titan for the Subaru commercial.

An actress is transformed into a titan for the Subaru commercial. Source

進撃の巨人 (‘Shingeki no Kyojin’; Attack on Titan) is the hit anime based on the manga of the same name, written by Hajime Isayama, in which humankind have been hunted to the brink of extinction by giant humanoid monsters called ‘titans’.

The thrilling series has been well-received by countless fans in Japan and internationally (including some of us here at Gay Geek)!

In the commercial, which went viral overnight, a shiny new car can be seen skillfully evading the grips of two titans which have appeared in the anime. It concludes with a dramatic focus on the iconic recurring monster in the series; the aptly-named Colossal Titan.

With rumours running rampant of a live-action movie adaption, this commercial gives a glimpse of how titans might appear onscreen in a realistic, 3-dimensional portrayal!

WTH Japan: White Underwear Man?!

WTH Japan: White Underwear Man?!

Dec 10

I just…I don’t…I…just…wait…what?!!

Someone please explain?

I’m…I’m not even sure if I’m meant to be horrified, terrified, or turned on. Japan you confuse me so much!

[via VitaminL]

Pokémon Gets Seriously Dark

Pokémon Gets Seriously Dark

Oct 09

You know who’s super excited for the 12th of October? ME!!!

You know why I’m super excited for the 12th of October? Pokémon X and Y!!!

You know why I’m super sad? Because I have a Real Life responsibilities around the same time to contend with the time I would have been spending playing this brand new awesomeness.


In waiting for the new guys to come along, I guess it’s back to these guys.

In the meantime, there’s the newly released OVA that I can use to procrastinate with reckless abandon, Pokémon: The Origin. It’s already been aired and subtitled and the first episode really sets the mood. You’ve probably already seen this clip of Charmander screaming continuously as Squirtle mercilessly unleashes Bite attack on it.

It’s absolutely distressing. With this clip it’s clear to see that Pokémon is going down some dark, dark roads. I haven’t seen Pokémon get this hardcore since the Pokémon Adventures manga. It’s terrifying, it’s disturbing, it’s violent, it’s horrific and I like it! Give me MOAR!!

Image: [thanks Serebii]

Anime Broccoli?

Anime Broccoli?

Dec 16

Broccoli weird




I don’t even know anymore! But I’m looking at you Japan!!

{Image Credit}

Japan, I don’t even know anymore!

Japan, I don’t even know anymore!

Oct 26

Every time I think I know what you are up to, Japan you have to do something like this. What this is, a Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. The  main show of the night are ‘cabaret’ dances from giant fembot mechas controlled by girls in bikini’s sitting in the front of the robot. It’s only you Japan that would think up giant robot ladies, open up a bar based on this and give them to scantily clad real ladies to control.

What’s going on Japan??!!

[Image Credit]

These are Robots I’m more comfortable with~

[R2-D2 Pumkin Credit | Terminator Pumpkin Credit]

Just Another Day of Production In Japan

Just Another Day of Production In Japan

Sep 15

I really don’t know what to say to this but WHAT THE HELL JAPAN!?

I’ve never seen anything like it even Big Man Japan had nothing compared to this. I wonder how well this did at the box office? I was actually debating whether to put this up, but if YouTube can, then so can we! There is a second clip, but be warned it is just as weird, if not weirder than the one above.  Here [link] if anyone is interested.

Also, did anyone else notice the guy with the super long nipples in the background at 1:27?

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