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Edwina Tinselberry

EddieThe Basic Stats

Name: Edwina Tinselberry

AKA: Eddie

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 20

Sexuality: Bisexual

Occupation: Comic Artist/ Illustrator

Main Field of Geekiness: Art Geek, Comic Book Geek

 Main Interests: Drawing, comics, the art of deception.

Subculture identified with: Recovering Hipster

 Characteristic Traits:

- Flails when excited.

- Grammar and pronunciation Nazi.

- A veritable library of trivial knowledge and analogies.

Latent Superpowers:

- Master of disguise.

- Master illusionist.

If there’s one thing she wouldn’t want you to know…

She can actually see just fine; the glasses are but a disguise. Like Superman.

Things she couldn’t live without…

- Sketchpad.

- HB pencils and a sharpie.

- Sense of superiority.

Favourite drink: Overpriced micro-brewery cider.

Ideal lover: A friendly fellow hipster (preferably one also in recovery). Weakness for redheads.


But who is Eddie?

Eddie retains multiple personas, utilizing a particular one to suit the moment. Most often, she’s a charming eccentric, who often appears unapproachable (she just doesn’t really feel like interacting with people).

She has recently discovered that her well-hidden kind-hearted nature doesn’t quite agree with the cynical, edgy image she presents to the world. Eddie’s self-hating hipster ways are in constant conflict with her huge artist’s ego. Her current mission is to release the shackles of her hipster ways, though she can’t quite shake the fake Locust Valley Lockjaw – Australian edition.

Eddie has never shied from creating an online presence with her art. When it comes to online feedback, she hungers for constructive criticism but has been known to pwn the shit out of trolls with her quick wit and sharp sarcasm.


Our comic artist extraordinaire, she hopes you’re enjoying the weekly adventures of the Gay Geek team. If you love her art, then Bonny’s tumblr blog is where you need to divert your attention (only momentarily…then come right back here).