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Lizzie Gekko

LizThe Basic Stats

Name: Lizzie Gekko

AKA: Liz

Ethnicity: Eurasian

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: Magazine publisher’s intern.

Main Field of Geekiness: Documentation Geek, Bookworm

Main Interests: Stomping through other people’s writing as an amateur grammar nazi, classical piano, pretending to be the host of a documentary about her life.

Subculture identified with: Fujoshi (Rotten Girls)

Characteristic Traits:

- Constantly smiling.

- Finds it hard to believe that unattractive gay guys are gay too.

- All hell breaks lose should she ever get angry (she’s a little Hulk-like that way).

Latent Superpowers:

- Power to induce confidence into the most insecure soul.

- Power of persuasion: Specializing in getting people to go shirtless.

If there’s one thing she wouldn’t want you to know…

She has stashes of extremely explicit (and rather kinky) yaoi porn hidden in several places around her room…and online.

Things she couldn’t live without…

-       Tea.

-       Her electric keyboard.

-       Her laptop.

Favourite drink: Pina colada.

Ideal lover: Submissive, yet passionate geek boys, the less masculine the better…but really, who needs lovers when you can have slumber parties with hot shirtless gay men?


But who is Liz?

First of all… she’s not a fag hag!!!

Who are we kidding of course she is. That is, if one defines fag hags as bubbly, cheery, educated young ladies with a quick sense of humor and whom indulge in the company of fabulous gay men.

Liz realized early that life is too short to be mingling with boring “regular” straight people. In her own words, it’s a place where girls are dramatic bitches and guys are dogs.

Instead, she finds a great sense of accomplishment by interning at a local queer magazine. At this position, she gets to act like a motherly adviser to (the ironically even more dramatic) gay guys with their emotional problems. She enjoys playing mama duck, even though she’s actually the baby of the group!

Liz is extremely intelligent but frequently naïve, and occasionally says things which could be offensive if she wasn’t such a gorgeous, bubbly person. Identified closely with the Fujoshi (Rotten Girls) culture, Liz adores gay romance, fanfic, fanart, yaoi and bara porn. And because of that, she has a somewhat distorted perception of what the gay world is actually like. Don’t worry, she’s slowly learning the truth of it.


Lizzie is actually straight in real life too, though perhaps not as much of a fag hag as her character is. She pursues a career in editing, but she’s got the whole librarian vibe going on when it comes to her secrets…but we don’t want to reveal too much now, do we?