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Vikram Mistry

VikThe Basic Stats

Name: Vikram Mistry

AKA: Vik

Ethnicity: Indian

Age: 25

Sexuality: Gay

Occupation: Playwright/Owner of indie theatre company Raging Gallows

 Main Field of Geekiness: Science Nerd

 Main Interests: Writing, partying, TV shows, science fiction, stage productions.

Subculture identified with: Gay Cub

 Characteristic Traits:

- Demented, evil laugh when amused.

- Random jokes about dolphins.

- Immeasurable willpower.

Latent Superpowers:

- Power of persuasion (42.7% success rate).

- Power to clear away delusions and reveal the ugliest of truths.

- Possible supervillain tendencies.

If there’s one thing he wouldn’t want you to know…

He fainted due to excitement…at an Aqua concert.

Things he couldn’t live without…

- Moleskine journals.

- Scruff for the iPhone.

- His hard drive full of TV series.

Favourite drink: Corona with a lime.

Ideal lover: A man with the ability to laugh at himself.


But who is Vik?

We like to refer to Vik as ‘Glorious Leader’ – only half joking, of course. He’s usually a jolly and perky guy, with just a hint of creepiness. He’s known to throw infamously amazing parties, and has seemingly endless patience for the failings of his friends and colleagues. We attribute this to his incredible willpower, or possibly sheer stubbornness.

He is also known to give great advice when consulted: he isn’t afraid to offend and dishes out the raw truth – “Sugarcoating is for babies,” he often says to his distraught friends.


The man behind Vik’s character is the administrator of the GayGeek website – he likes to be known as the overlord.