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Zurich Willowbay

WilloThe Basic Stats

Name: Zurich Willowbay

AKA: Willo

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 21

Sexuality: Bisexual

Occupation: Performance artist/ amateur translator

Main Field of Geekiness: Linguistics Geek

 Main Interests: Decoding and deconstructing languages.

Subculture identified with: Hippy.

 Characteristic Traits:

- She takes her time in everything she does.

- Has an infinite laughter threshold; she could laugh for days over the lamest excuses of jokes.

- Her attempt at grace and poise usually end up with her on her ass.

Latent Superpowers:

- Translation

- Divination

- Empathy

If there’s one thing she wouldn’t want you to know…

The name of the government agency we’re all convinced she works for.

Things she couldn’t live without…

- Herbal tea.

- Mortar and pestle.

- Those secret documents she keeps so well hidden…

Favourite drink: Mulled wine.

Ideal lover: Someone laidback, creative, and a little bit wild.


But who is Willo?

Her very presence induces peace and serenity, while still being confident and outgoing. Willo has a big heart. Whenever there’s a volunteer program that involves traveling to distant jungles, she’s always the first to sign up. She’s a bit of a daredevil too, and can frequently be found sitting on the roof staring dreamily at the sky.

Willo is prone to disappearing without notice. While her frequent vagueness and apparent flightiness can be frustrating at first, we are all developing a suspicion that there’s something else going on. What’s really happening in that room of hers?


The girl behind Willo is a funky girl living in Melbourne who is willing to chat to just about anyone but if you bore her, she’ll be moving right along.